instagram Block
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Sizes & Values

Site Width - determines the width of the page, including padding and border.

Page Content Width - set the width of the page content width separate from the Page Banner Area.

Canvas Padding - control the amount of space between the page content and the edge of the canvas.

Top Padding - control the amount of space at the top of the site above the canvas.

Navigation Link Spacing - sets the amount of space between each navigation link. 

Header Spacing - control the amount of spacing at the bottom of the header, above the navigation.

Page Padding - determines the amount of space at the top and bottom of the page as well as the space below the Page Banner.

Footer Padding - controls the top and bottom padding used inside the page footer area.

Logo Size (Max) - determines the maximum height allowed for the site logo in the header area.

Social Icon Size - set the size of the (non-social-block) social icons.